First Newborn shoot- Briella

Wow, when I decided to jump in I really took the leap.  Here is my first newborn shoot.  I think they turned out adorable, of course the fact that she is my niece may make me prejudice.


  1. Really cute, Alesa!
    Each one is perfect, but that lower lip tucked under on the second image is priceless! It does help to have an adorable subject. Can't wait to see more.

  2. Awesome aren't kidding you took the LEAP!!! HOoray!! I love that pillow you used!! Great prop!! ANd I so adore the diaper cover. I need to invest in a few... for future shoots I'll do. One thing though, (Because they do look good, but) just watch the skin tone. Otherwise, I think they look great!! Not bad for a first newborn shoot.

    And, mine was definitely a learning experience, as I'm sure yours was too. But the more we practice the better we get. RIght??

    Again great job!! !

  3. I love the third and last image. So cute!


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