Thankful Thursdays

So in church last week the speakers spoke on gratitude.  I thought that I have so much in my life that I am grateful for that I want to start a record of.  I decided to give myself a photography challenge to take a picture of one thing that I am thankful for and post it here.  I was considering doing this daily, but lets be real.  I am terrible at doing something daily.  I think I should be able to handle once a week.  That gives me 6 whole days to procrastinate before getting it done.  I am setting a goal to do this for one year.  I thought about waiting until a significant marker, but I knew that I would get side-tracked and forget to do it.  So here we go.

I am going to start with the obvious this week.  My family.  I have a great family and love being a mom to my four crazy kiddos.  I have a terrific husband who supports me in everything I do.  I am truly blessed with my family.

What are you thankful for this week?  If you want to join me on this journey I would love to have you.  Take a picture, upload it to your blog, then leave a comment linking back to your blog.  I will check it out.